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Automated installation and configuration of OpenAM

19/01/2012 7 comments

This blog is about automation of OpenAM architecture installation and configuration. As I recently automated architecture from my previous article [1] (simplified without using SSL), I would like to say something about issues I met.

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How to install and configure OpenAM Web Policy Agent

02/01/2012 4 comments

I prepared one more article about OpenAM, now it is about OpenAM Web Policy Agent. This article is an example how to use OpenAM to protect resources on a Web Server.

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How to deploy OpenAM with DAUI using SSL

In my previous article “How to deploy OpenAM with DAUI”  I wrote down steps how to install complete architecture where DAUI is configured with OpenAM. To keep it simple, I used only plain non-encrypted communication between individual components, however in the real world, many deployments require some more security and encrypted cryptography is a basic requirement. This article is based on previous one and it adds steps to install full architecture with SSL encryption.

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