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Partnering with ForgeRock to deliver Open Identity and Access Management Solutions

profiq just announeced strategic partnership with ForgeRock for system integration of open-source and standard-based Access and Identity Management (IAM) products. This is a fundamental milestone in fulfilling profiq’s system integration and system testing strategy. We have spent the last 8+ years with deploying and testing ForgeRock products and their predecessors and looking forward to offering an extended service to customers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary with ForgeRock.

Our strartegic objective is to provide customers with the freedom and flexibility they need in deploying and using IAM products in enterprise, mobile, cloud and social environments, while avoiding vendor lock-in to cumbersome, proprietary vendor solutions. The ForgeRock Open Identity Stack is the key to enabling just that.

Our first priority is to help customers of former Sun AIM products. The support of Sun OpenSSO (Oracle OpenSSO), Sun Identity Manger (Oracle Waveset) and Sun OpenDS is going to end soon. ForgeRock’s Open Identity Stack is a world-wide supported continuation of Sun’s former AIM stack and provides an easy way forward without major disruptions to business. Should you operate any of

  • Sun Directory Server, Sun OpenDS
  • Sun Access Manager, Sun OpenSSO
  • Sun Identity Manager

currently and searching for a way forward, contacts us! We have a smooth upgrade approach for you, both technology and business wise.

See the press release at http://integration.profiq.cz/about/press.php and a more detailed explanation of our services at http://integration.profiq.cz/services/

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